Andre Rand

Latest Updsate About; Cropsey Legend, Cropsey, Cropsey Review, Every neighbourhood has its secrets and every city has a dark underbelly. This seems to be one of the unsettling messages we are meant to take away from Cropsey, a documentary exploring the urban legend of a serial killer with a hook for a hand that has been passed down through the generations on Staten Island. When directors Barbara Brancaccio and Joshua Zeman decide to dig up the truth behind this tale that they had as kids, their investigation does not necessarily lead to any earth shattering revelations. It does, however, take us through some pretty creepy real-life locales and a horrifying true crime story, eventually leaving us to ponder the validity of our own ghost stories.Back in 1987, Jennifer Schweiger, a 12-year-old girl with Downe’s syndrome went missing on Staten Island. Her dead body turned up buried in the woods near the abandoned Willowbrook mental institution, and the man who took the blame was Andre Rand, a drifter who had previously worked as an orderly at Willowbrook and was now known to live in makeshift campsites nearby. Although there was never any definite proof that Rand did it, he had a history of sexual abuse and was certainly a creepy enough character to convince residents of his guilt. Several other mentally challenged children also disappeared in the area over the years, but their bodies still have never been recovered. We pick up the thread with Rand due to be released from prison soon, and prosecutors attempting to pin more of the murders on him in the hopes of putting him away for good.

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