Doa Awal Muharram

Doa Awal Muharram: The largest number of people in the whole world are will say Doa Awal Muharram. In the first decade of this Islamic month ‘MUHARRAM’, the Muslims in the whole wold say Doa Awal Muharram. During the first nine days of the month, other scenes of mourning in the battle of Karbala, also known as majlish adopted in Shiite mosques. On Ashura, the most important day, processions with Taziahs allege commemeration a sad event. The procession includes a well-decorated horse, representing the horse of Imam Hussein. Emotional plays, enacting scenes in the battle of Karbala, are performed by men stripped to the waist Shiites.

They strike their body with chains while some walk barefoot over hot coals. Crying, “Hai Hussain NA Rahe hum” which means “O Hussein, were not there, they express pain in the ability to have prevented him from being tortured. After struggling for pain Shiahs Hussein suffered and therefore express their grief.