Playful Kiss Episode 17: Let’s Enjoy

Playful Kiss Episode 17: It has long memory, so keep your horses. Much happens in this episode, but it’s not earth-bending or mind-blowing revelations, like your father killed my mother, your best friend is in love with me, or I have an incurable cancer of the prostate, so I have to run and can ‘t be with you.

Playful Kiss (Mischievous Kiss) is still on all the routine but important things that can happen in real life high school students. As a college exams and interviews, and find that you have goals in life. That does not make for collecting almost 50% rating, but it is fascinating to some satisfactory viewing your humble servant.

Ha Ni son Joe in bed and told him he was just a hot 19, Jung Gu said he is looking at what looks like a kiss. Ha Ni said they now have a healthy way, first, that in fact the son of Joe amused. Unfortunately, it was just painful Ha Ni, and she leaves his room all the red face and heart-to-door. Oh, my son, Joe, you’re a tease. Little Brother Yun Joe comes home to see pseudo-Ha Nor walk of shame to the room of the son of Joe, and mite perturbed.