Latest Update About; Umaga, Triple H, Great Khali, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, “Rikishi” Solofa Fatu’s Twins In “Raw”The May 31 episode of WWE “Raw” the name of the former WWE wrestler Solofa Fatu who is better known as Rikishi  was heard many a times. However, the man who had once rocked the wrestling ring with his strength and those extra pounds has not returned to the ring but on Monday, his two sons appeared in the WWE “Raw” episode along with the daughter of Jimmy Snuka, Tamina.The Monday episode of the “Raw” became interesting as people got to see the two sons of Solofa Fatu. The two sons of Solofa Fatu (Rikishi) are reportedly twins and named Jonathan Solofa and Joshua Sammy. As per the reports the wrestlers are 25 years old and are looking forward to carry on the legacy of their father. They have teamed together and bear the tag name of “Usos” and “The Samoan Soldiers”. They would be joined in their act by Tamina. The two have already been able to create an impact on the audience of the “Raw” as they went on to defeat “The Hart Dynasty”, which is the present Unified Tag Team Champions. Many fans of “Rikishi” Solofa Fatu are now pinning their hope on the two brothers. They are sure that they will be able to make it big in the world of Wrestling as their father had made once. ‘Rikishi‘ Solofa Fatu was a famous professional wrestler who has appeared in many of the WWE episodes. The wrestler was however put out of the ring on July 2004 after being ordered several times by the Wrestling Federation to lose his weight. In 2007 he debuted in the TNA as Junior Fatu but could not last long and was released after few months.

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