Asiana Crash, 2 Pilots Missing After Asiana Plane Crashes Off Jeju

Asiana Crash, 2 Pilots Missing After Asiana Plane Crashes Off JejuAt least two people were killed after a cargo plane crashed in South Korea on Wednesday. According to unconfirmed local media reports, searchers found sea wreckage of an Asiana Airlines cargo plane that crashed on Thursday.

An airline official Kim Dong-won said that the plane crashed after reporting a mechanical problem and losing contact with air traffic workers. According to the state media sources the South Korean pilot, identified by the airline as Choi Sang-ki, was flying a Boeing-747 with a co-pilot, was found in waters about 107 kilometers west of the city of Jeju by a Coast Guard patrol boat at 6:40 a.m.

spokesman for Asiana Airlines Jason Kim said that the plance was having mechanical difficulties and would try to make its way to the island’s airport. Meanwhile on the other hand, Seoul has been hit by massive heavy rain which caused the heavy flood in the different parts of the Sount Korea. The nation’s disaster control agency said that at least 41 people were killed and 12 others missing as of Thursday morning as torrential rains triggered landslides, flooding and power outages in Seoul and central regions, Korea Herald reports.

The [South] Korea Meteorological Administration said Wednesday The reclusive communist state had 115 mm of rain in Kaesong. Officials said that about 500 officials and residents worked to rescue people trapped in the mud and wreckage. Twenty-four people were injured and several buildings destroyed.