Beauty Queen From Dharwad: Bad Romance

Beauty Queen From DharwadBeauty Queen From Dharwad: This is the latest news update about Beauty Queen From Dharwad. According to the different media sources, a new MMS clip is gaining notoriety in north Karnataka. The girl featured in the video is a former Beauty Queen From Dharwad, and has also won state-level table tennis competitions. According to the different media sources that while she was doing her post-graduation from Karnataka University, she came in contact with Ashwath. He was already a married man. With the passage of time, the couple became intimate. They toured the state on several occasions together. After his ex-girlfriend refused to marry him, Ashwath uploaded video clips of them having sex at various websites. The girl featured in the video is a former beauty queen from Dharwad. The girl in the video is Soumya (name changed), a former beauty queen from Dharwad, and won also won at state level competitions of table tennis. A local source said that while she did her post-exam of Karnataka came into contact with Ashwath, a married man. They were intimate, and toured the state together on several occasions. After completing her studies, Soumya moved to Karwar and cut off all ties with Ashwath. She also changed her mobile number, following which Ashwath tried to track her. Finally, he managed to find her new number in February. He spoke to her, and proposed to marry her. But Soumya refused and said that you are already married. The victim told her parents everything, and met the Karwar Superintendent of Police, who let off Ashwath with just a warning.

But on December 28, 2010 Ashwath uploaded her video clip on YouTube and sent another clip to all his friends through MMS. The girl was not available for comment, while the police are looking for Ashwath, who is absconding. This is incredible.