Hot Miera Leyana Apoligized For Wearing Tight-Fitted Dress

Hot Miera Leyana Apoligized For Wearing Tight-Fitted DressWell, wardrobe malfunction is not new in modeling and surprising in film industry. Malaysian actress Miera Leyana was criticized by many media sources last Friday due to wearing tight-fitted dressing, which showed off the sides of her secret places, apparently made guests at the event uneasy. And now Leyana has apologized for wearing a dress that was “too secksy” at a Friday night event in Le Meridien hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysian actress Miera Leyana told mStar Online at the event “I’m sorry if I offended anyone”. Miera Leyana is an actress who comes from Malaysia. She is the main actress for the drama serial line (DBT) Fantasiku Luna who is also his debut in the acting world. Her talent was displayed by the talent agency Maverick + Co.

Celebrity stars always purchase any dress after taking a lot of time in market because they know that we are stars and media will capture our moments if we will be wrong.

But Malaysian actress Miera Leyana is saying some different words while telling to mStar Online, “I thought the dress was really pretty when I saw it but I didn’t have time to try it on. I got it just earlier today and I didn’t know it would look like this on me.” This is interesting. Are you surprised after read her statement?

Malaysian actress Miera Leyana is going to make her new upcoming movie Apokalips. Now she has stated to be very careful next time and will not allow media to criticize on her wardrobe malfunction.

Let’s see that what does become off in the future. All the best Miera and be careful in future!