Juliana Ramos Car Accident

Juliana Ramos Car AccidentJuliana Ramos Car Accident: As a student, who appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2009, received three votes, it is easy to sing after the transfer of Adel Chasing years ago Pavements. Two Chris Medina was his fiancee when he showed, the issue of “Starbucks,” where she worked. Unfortunately, in October 2009, Julian Ramos was driving from work around 03:30. His car was struck almost paralyzed the left brain and severely damaged. Wedding postponed due to his health and the rising costs of medical care.

So as sad as the pair seemed to be a married happy. Juliana Ramos is a competitor, but their story is very interesting. Chris Medina’s girlfriend was ready to marry, when a terrible accident derailed his plans. Now he is fighting for a place in American Idol plays. Many fans and pundits have expressed support for Medina, while others think that his motives and actions were exploitative. The The 26-year old barista from Illinois appeared on Wednesday’s tryout episode of the national singing competition and performed an emotional rendition of The Script’s Breakeven for his wife-to-be Juliana, who was at death’s door following a car crash in 2009 and won the hearts of American Idol Judges.

Chris Medina sings “break even” in the script, and that’s fine. American Idol focuses primarily on the history of Chris Medina. He is engaged and his fiancee had had an accident in 2009, suffered a head injury. Chris, the oak forest, Illinois, nearly floored the judges with her amazing performance in parts of Milwaukee that were tested last night in the first of two concerts this week in Chicago.