Olsen Twin Sister Elizabeth Olson

Olsen Twin Sister Elizabeth OlsonElizabeth Olson: This year, the last time, Elizabeth Olson, of course, if everyone knows how the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley. She was admitted to the theater program at the University of New York and auditioning for Broadway and Broadway play. But she made the conscious decision to avoid the arc career filled with highs and lows of Hollywood tabloids, her sister.

Only in January this year, Elizabeth Olson began actively seeking a job movie. Now, here’s Sundance Film Festival in a revolutionary state based on two new films, “Silent House” and Martha Marlene March April May “It was a long wait for 21 years, but it’s worth it if it does not obey the same attention as Mary Kate and Ashley received a pre-teen.

I guess that’s why I waited so long until it is convenient, as someone who can start working professionally, “said Elizabeth Olson, MTV News.” That’s what I wanted do since I was seven or eight, but I never want to be a child actor. I never wanted to be a brand. I want to be an actor. I feel good. I just want to make films and do theater.

So the most important thing, not to be involved in the celebrity spotlight? Well, without thinking for themselves in this way, “said Elizabeth.

I think it’s just to stay grounded. This is not something I think. I think the media put something on people, “Elizabeth Olson said. “I do not think people think that way, that:” Now I’m a celebrity! ” I do not think people should think so. I hope that everyone is talking about.