[UPDATE] Nicholas Tse Files For Divorce With Cecilia Cheung

[UPDATE] Nicholas Tse Files For Divorce With Cecilia CheungThe golden couple Nicholas Tse and wife Cecilia Cheung are calling it quits after five years of marriage. Tse, who is presently filming in Kuala Lumpur, met up with his lawyers last week and had the divorce papers served to Cheung. Read also Cecilia Cheung vs Nicholas Tse vs Edison Chen [PREVIEW]:

Tse’s manager has yet to respond and the actor’s assistant has claimed not to know anything, Asia One.Com reports. Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi’s marriage has become a hot topic recently. Some Hong Kong sources claim Cheung once used her elder son Lucas to threaten Tse when she was embroiled in a sex photo scandal with entertainer Edison Chen.

A Hong Kong radio show host, Eileen Cha who claims to be a close friend of Tse’s family, dismissed rumors that the couple had divorced but said their relationship was “rocky” after actress Cheung had her second baby. Earlier in the evening on May 30th, well-known HK entertainment radio show host Eileen Cha Siu Yan revealed the latest news about Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s marital problems on her radio show. Read also Cecilia Cheung Facing Disaster OF Scandals:

Asia One quoted that it was also said that the Tse family had sent the child for a DNA test out of suspicion, in order to find out who his father was. Couple’s divorce move came recently when pictures of Cheung and Edison Chen on a plane together surfaced in the Taiwanese media. Hong Kong actor-singer Edison Chen admitted that he met actress Cecilia Cheung, one of the women he was photographed with in his 2008 secks photo scandal, at the airport earlier this month on May 8. Read also Nicholas Tse In Eye of HK Papparazi: